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The feel of a home is determined by a number of different factors but one of the most important and most noticeable is your choice of house painting in Redding, CA. Inside and out, the appearance, style, and value of your home hinges upon professional, top quality painting in Redding, CA and the experienced team of professional Redding painters here at House Painters in Redding, CA are available right now to provide you with just that.

For years now, our team of dedicated local painters in Redding, CA have been providing homeowners and business owners with the most high quality, long-lasting, and conveniently performed exterior and interior painting Redding, CA has to offer. Through those years and all the experience they held, House Painters of Redding, CA has grown even grander in scale and in service. Everyone of the professional house painters you connect with here at House Painters is now thoroughly trained in the widest variety of painting services in Redding, CA with all the leading equipment, experience, and reputability needed to make any painting project a complete and total success.

If you’re ready to come home to a home you truly love the look and feel of then there’s no better time than now to get in touch. Simply take a moment to call our friendly and knowledgeable painters in Redding, CA at (530) 269-8499 and schedule a free at-home consultation and estimate with the closest professional House Painters contractors in Redding, CA. You’ll be provided with an in-depth assessment of all the details involved in your house painting project as well as expert advice on how to make sure your house always feels like home. Call (530) 269-8499 today to get your free estimate and get started!

House Painters - Redding, CA

Here at House Painters of Redding, CA we pride ourselves on having all the skill, know-how, and equipment needed to make any homeowner’s dream home look a reality with convenience, quality, and dependability that no other painting company in Redding, CA can match.

Our team of dedicated, expert painting contractors in Redding, CA are available right now to provide you with the interior, exterior, or whole house painting Redding, CA services that you’ve been hoping for.

If you’re looking for quality painting in Redding, CA look no further than House Painters!

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The House Painters Redding, CA team strives to provide homeowners with the ultimate in Redding house painting for any service from fence painting and deck painting to roof painting, exterior painting, and full house painting projects. Whatever your need, you can count on the professionals here at House Painters of Redding, CA to provide you with quality fit for a king!

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Our Most Popular Services

Interior Painting - Redding, CA

Interior Painting ReddingThe quickest and most surefire way to update and improve the look of your home is with quality, professionally performed interior painting in Redding, CA. That’s why House Painters contractors in Redding, CA pride themselves on supplying homeowners with an incredibly wide variety of different options and specifications for Redding interior painting projects. Speak with your local House Painters Redding, CA professionals about your ideal interior painting service today!

Exterior Painting - Redding, CA

Interior Painting ReddingInstantly changing the look of a home is easy with gorgeous, custom exterior painting in Redding, CA. This one service, when performed by experienced and reputable Redding painters, can lend a huge boost to the curbside appeal of a home as well as its property value and durability in the years to come. Don’t come home to a worn-out, uninspired home any longer. Get in touch with House Painters in Redding, CA today!

Pressure Cleaning - Redding, CA

Interior Painting Redding Caring for the quality and appearance of a home is a big job and pressure cleaning in Redding, CA is one of the best ways to tend to it. Here at House Painters in Redding, CA our team of experienced pressure cleaning contractors provide precise, top quality power washing services Redding, CA homeowners can be happy to come home to every day. To renew the look and reliability of your home, call House Painters in Redding for pressure cleaning services today!

What Our Clients are Saying

“Phenomenal Job”  

“My experience with House Painters was better than I could have hoped for! Lynn was able to schedule a crew to clean up and paint my home’s siding right away, the guys that did the job were fantastic, and they did a phenomenal job! I really couldn’t have asked for more! You guys definitely earned by business!” - Al T.

“Repeat Customer, Still Satisfied”  

“My wife and I have been using House Painters for projects around our house for years and years now and they always do terrific work. Recently we hired them to paint our deck and fence since the weather had done a number on them. The boys that came by washed off all the old paint and got everything looking like new. We’re very happy with the help they’ve given us and tell all our friends in the neighborhood about them.” - Tom M.

“Amazing Work”  

“I hired you guys at House Painters to do a whole house painting job for a new home I was moving to and I’m completely blown away by the quality and professionalism your team has shown. The guys that gave me my estimate were very attentive to what I was looking for, they offered a very fair price for the quality I received, and they made sure that all the small details were perfect. Your crew did some amazing work!” - Terry W.